RiverHaven Garden Club

Ladies in our neighborhood are invited to join a monthly meeting of various activities that include garden themed crafts, speakers discussing local interests, visits to locally owned restaurants and workshops, and much more. 

Most meetings are held at a neighbor's home so members are asked to consider hosting an event. Meetings are typically held from September through May on the third Thursday of the month, with a short break from June through August. 

Dues are $30 per year. There may be additional costs for some activities.

Here are the great events planned for this year.

2020 Meeting Schedule

January 16th - Kokedama Plant

February 20th - Plant Bar

March 19th - Native Plants Speaker

April 23rd - Wandering Petal, Flower Arranging

May 21 - Container Workshop

September 17 - Leaf Casting

October 15 - Pumpkin Carving

November 19 - Lasagna Bulb Pot

December 17 - Holiday Greens


If you are interested in joining the RHGC, or have any questions regarding the events, please contact our leaders, Robin Grammes (robink2138@yahoo.com) or 

Katy Kuipers (katykuipers@gmail.com)